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A Worldly Selection Of Authentic “Ritual” Treatments At The Catamaran Spa

Posted June 17th, 2005 Media Buzz

San Diego, California (June 2005) – The exclusive rituals at the Catamaran Spa combine the healing magic of the sea, the purest herbs and minerals from the earth, and beauty secrets and body therapies from ancient cultures and modern skin care experts. The result? Luxuriously complete healing and restorative treatments for your personal relaxation and rejuvenation.

From our menu of exclusive rituals designed especially for the Catamaran Spa, you choose the ritual that fulfills your particular desires for your body, mind, and spirit. As you walk into the beautifully appointed waterside Spa, you’ll step into an unforgettable experience. You’ll find that every aspect of each elaborate ritual is devoted to your beauty, relaxation, and healing. Ritual treatments highlight the best of the time-honored South Asian healing traditions. Experience pure elements from the earth and the sea, essences of organic herbs, the healing cascade of our gentle Vichy showers and the sheer bliss of fragrant baths. The sheerly indulgent Egyptian ritual will leave you richly refreshed, moisturized, and sparkling; the deeply restorative Ancient Oceans ritual moves to the rhythms of the sea.

Every Catamaran Spa ritual reflects the unparalleled knowledge and artistry of Darcie DeBartelo, Corporate Director of Spa for both the Catamaran Spa and its sister resort, the Five-Diamond Lodge at Torrey Pines. In designing the Catamaran Spa’s unique body/mind treatment rituals, DeBartelo expressed the same devotion to perfection that has made the Spa at Torrey Pines one of the most exclusive resort hotel spas in the world.

Currently, the Catamaran Spa offers four spa rituals, each true to the traditions of a distinct culture and delivered by skilled and caring therapists:

ANCIENT OCEANS RITUAL Restore your own personal harmony by experiencing an ancient aquatic ritual. We begin with an exfoliation to prepare you for this cleansing experience. Next, the body is enveloped with a warm, aromatic body gel that combines trace minerals from seawater with essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, sandalwood, basil, and sage. Then you will relax in our hydrotherapy tub, remineralize with our seawater bath, and discover for yourself the restorative benefits of the ancient ocean. The experience is completed with a blissful massage. 140 MINUTES – $265.00

THE EGYPTIAN GOLDEN RITUAL Inspired by Egyptian rituals, this magical body treatment is the ultimate indulgence for the senses. Each phase immerses you in the delicate combination of golden mineral dust and Egyptian Chamomile – the healing flower of the Egyptian priests. Your sensorial journey begins with a gentle exfoliation followed by an invigorating Swiss shower. Next, a warm cocoon moisturizes and remineralizes every inch of your skin as your scalp and feet are massaged. After that, a sparkling milky bath awaits you, swirling in sparkling golden pools. When you emerge, gold-flecked body oil is massaged into your skin and lightly feather dusted with luminous golden powder. Then, as you revel in the pleasures of this golden experience, you will refresh yourself with an exotic tea or passion fruit juice brought to you at your request. 140 MINUTES – $265.00.

THAI RITUAL Entice your senses in a ritual that takes you on a traditional Asian journey with herbal remedies that have been used for centuries in Thailand. The journey begins with a foot soak and exfoliation, followed by a Thai-style foot massage. Next, you will experience a Table Thai massage that incorporates “Luk Pra Kope,” the healing application of steamed herbal poultices. Finish with a soothing herbal bath while you sip an exotic tea. 120 MINUTES – $265.00

INARA RITUAL A completely organic body care experience that employs ingredients from cooperatives in Southeast Amazon, featuring Babassu oil from fruit kernels of the Babassu Palm. The ritual begins with a sugar rub that melts into the skin, leaving it deeply moisturized, followed by a fragrant Babassu Milk Bath made with an organic buttermilk blend. After the bath, you will be wrapped in a body mask infused with the Babassu Body Oil while you receive a scalp and face massage with Babassu Body Creme. A relaxing Vichy Shower with cascading water will remove the body mask. Your ritual ends with a full-body massage using the Babassu Body Oil sealed with additional Babassu Body creme. 140 MINUTES -$265.00

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