San Diego Hotel Beach Escape

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Tropical Resort Landscape

Exotic Beauty in our Backyard

Silk Floss Tree

The San Diego hotel has approximately 100 different varieties of palm trees and 1,000 different varieties of plants. Many of our plants and trees come from all over the world. The Tippuana Tippu is the true rosewood from Brazil. The Crown of Christ Palm is found in Argentina and Bolivia. The Alobanti trees come from the Namibian Coast in Africa. Our Dragon’s Blood cactus is native to the Canary Islands. Our Cycads are a South Pacific variety; they are the oldest, rarest leaf plant in the world. We have at least fourteen varieties of coral trees ranging from colors of brilliant red to shocking pink.

Scarlet and Blue and Gold macawsAmong our palm tree collection are Jelly Palms, Blue Brachi Armanda Palms, Triangle Palms, Puerto Rico Hat Palms, and Alobanzi Palms which are the only palms native to Hawaii. The Chinese Windmill Palms are found in the Tibetan highlands of China. Our bamboo collection includes Green Stripe, Heavenly Bamboo, Buddha’s Belly Bamboo, and Running Bamboo. Some of our other rare plants include a Tapioca Tree, many bromeliads, and a Eucalyptus Deglupt which is the only eucalyptus not native to Australia. We have Saguaro Cactus, Agave, a large rubber tree called a Ficus Macrocarpa as well as Macrocarpa and thirty different types of hibiscus. Our grounds are meticulously kept, and every corner brings a new and fascinating delight.

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