How to Plan a Successful Workcation

With the option of remote working at an all time high, taking a trip while continuing to work is extremely appealing. A successful workcation comes together when you can fully enjoy your time away while keeping up consistent productivity. Learn more about how to take your office on the road for an enjoyable experience.

Work setting by the beach

Pick Your Setting Wisely

Part of the reason a workcation is so attractive is the change of scenery that you can enjoy both on and off the clock. At the Catamaran, you can work on your laptop with a scenic beach backdrop as well as having a myriad of outdoor leisure activities when you want a break. Also, be sure to pick a destination with everything you need including reliable WiFi and comfortable workspaces.

Surfing on your workation

Communication is Key

Set expectations and mitigate stress by being honest with your manager and important work contacts about your availability and the best times to reach you. For instance, if you're excited to try out surfing in San Diego, the last thing you want is to be assigned a time-sensitive project when you're catching a wave.

Family enjoying the outdoors on their workation at the Catamaran Resort Hotel

Consider Your Travel Companions

As with any trip, your travel companions have a major impact on your vacation experience. If you're planning a family trip, keep in mind online schooling schedules or your partner's work needs. If you're traveling with friends, set realistic expectations for both work and free time. You can also plan a solo trip to fully recharge and do everything on your own schedule.

Family taking a stroll on the beach at sunset on their workation at the Catamaran Resort Hotel

Enjoy Yourself!

Work is inevitable, but let's face it: the entire reason you're planning a workcation is for the vacation component. At the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, you'll be spoiled with plenty of beach and outdoor activities for nonstop fun. Take time to slow down and enjoy the little things like a colorful sunset, a leisurely bike ride, or other social distancing activities.

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