The Bahia Resort Hotel is a family-run business with a deep commitment to San Diego. Our corporate social responsibility program, WE CARE, is an affirmation of our pledge to our employees, the community, and environmentally-friendly practices in order to build and nurture a sustainable organization for the future.


The Bahia Resort Hotel is dedicated to supporting and enhancing our employees’ well-being through programs that support and nurture the hotel’s staff professionally and personally. Through these programs, the Bahia Resort Hotel is able to cultivate a healthy, well-trained workforce that’s committed to the organization and dedicated to creating positive guest experiences.

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The Bahia Resort Hotel is committed to supporting local community organizations and non-profit organizations that enrich the lives of our residents and guests. Through WE CARE, our employees individually and collectively donate their time, goods, services and money to causes that help San Diego stand out as a top vacation destination and place to live.

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The Bahia Resort Hotel understands the importance of maintaining the beauty and natural resources of San Diego. The hotel is dedicated to maintaining the health and beauty of the oceans, beaches, bays, and parks through local cleanup efforts, waste diversion, water conservation, energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction.

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